Body Care Line with with Organic Extra Virgin
Olive Oil from Tuscany, Italy
Benefits of Using Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil soap has been considered to be widely used, the reason being
its numerous skin health benefits such as:
•     Relieving dry skin
•     Helps reduce scars and dark spots
•     Helps minimize wrinkles
•     Easily removes eye makeup
•     Helps prevent common skin disease such as psoriasis, eczema,acne
•     Treats skin rashes

Olive oil soap is considered to be the best remedy for dry skin as it
helps to exfoliate dead cells and flaky skin. Its moisturizing properties
help to soften the skin texture, leaving you with beautiful glowing skin.

Another great advantage of using olive oil soap is that it helps in
reducing scars and dark spots. Regular use of olive oil soap will help you
get rid of those ugly looking marks, making your skin look clean and

Olive oil soap can be very effective in minimizing wrinkles as it
penetrates deep into the skin leaving the skin looking healthier and
firmer. Recent research has found out that olive oil contains certain
natural properties, oleocanthal, which is known to be a great anti-aging
and anti-inflammatory agent.

For those who have trouble removing their eye makeup easily or spend a
huge amount of money on expensive eye makeup removal creams and
lotions can now be tension free, as olive oil soap is considered to be very
effective in helping you remove your eye makeup with ease.

Skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema can be treated by regular
use of olive oil soap.
Olive oil soap helps in reduction of cell
deterioration of the skin. Olive oil soap is a great remedy for those
suffering from acne problems as it doesn’t clog your pores unlike other
skin moisturizers. Olive oil soap has also proven to treat skin rashes. It
can also be used to reduce the side effects from sun burns. Olive oil
consists of vitamin E, which acts as a great antioxidant.

Unlike regular soaps, you can be sure that after using olive oil soap you
would not experience dry itchy skin. The best part is that olive oil soap is
completely natural and will not harm the skin texture in any way.

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Prima Spremitura Olive Line is made
from 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
from Tuscany, Italy. Olive oil, an ancient
beauty secret discovered more than five
thousand years ago.
Prima Spremitura
Beauty products focus on the amazing
benefits olive oil provides to the skin. Rich
in proteins, Linoleic and oleic acids, high
in Vitamin A, E, K, olive oil has been
known as the Mediterranean secret of
youth and beauty.
Prima Spremitura
beauty products
deeply nourishes,
soothes, and restores the skin cells for a
younger looking appearance.
leaves the skin moisturized,
silky smooth and radiant all day long.
Made in Italy.
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- Made with 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive
Oil from Tuscany, Italy
- Beautiful Olive Design Packaging
- Gentle and Natural Beauty Treatment
- Deeply Nourishes and Hydrates the skin
- Suitable for dry, sensitive & mature skin
- Rich in Vitamins A, E, Antioxidants
- No Animal Ingredients
- No animal testing
- No Parabens
- No SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)
- No PEG, No Silicons, No Alcohol
- No Petroleum, No Mineral Oil
- No GMH (Genetically Modified Hormones)
- Free of Allergens (Hypoallergenic)
- Made in Italy
- Skincare Benefits of the Olive
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